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Back on Snow!

back to business.🙆‍♀️ #happyplace

Back on Snow!2022-04-25T16:20:04+02:00


test day - last 4 weeks of summer training are coming up, then finally snowboarding again!🥵


Bye bye season 20/21!

That was a special one, but I'm glad we were able to race so many competitions and had the privilege to travel.🙏 The season didn't go the way I thought it would, but I'm still happy with the progress and know that there is still a lot possible.💪 A big thanks to all my supporters!☺️ Now it‘s time for some rest. Take care and see

Bye bye season 20/21!2021-08-03T20:35:27+02:00

Weltcup Rogla

Tomorrow the last PGS World Cup of the season is going down on this beauty behind us.🚀 #narogli

Weltcup Rogla2021-08-03T20:39:50+02:00
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