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3. Platz PGS Gesamtwertung

Not the performance I wanted to show at the last PGS race of the season.🙅‍♀️ But there is still a happy ending because of the 3rd place in the PGS overall!💪🥰 #sLOVEnia

3. Platz PGS Gesamtwertung2023-11-20T14:58:53+01:00

Vize Weltmeisterin

Vice world champion, whaaaat?!😍🥈💥 Thanks to all who made this possible!🙏 #antagenwiediesen#SunriseTeamwork #DreamBigdoBig #SunriseRewards

Vize Weltmeisterin2023-11-20T14:57:29+01:00

Erster Weltcupsieg

A big smile because of my first World Cup win!🥇☺️ What a long way it has been.🥹 Thanks to everyone who has always believed in me and supported me.🙏 #victory#SunriseTeamwork #DreamBigdoBig #SunriseRewards

Erster Weltcupsieg2023-11-20T14:52:56+01:00

Heimweltcup Scuol

P6 for me yesterday. It's always special to ride @snowboardweltcupscuol!🥰 Thank you all for the best support and another unforgettable home world cup!🙏 #SunriseTeamwork #DreamBigdoBig #SunriseRewards

Heimweltcup Scuol2023-11-20T15:07:59+01:00
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