Bye bye season 20/21!

That was a special one, but I'm glad we were able to race so many competitions and had the privilege to travel.🙏 The season didn't go the way I thought it would, but I'm still happy with the progress and know that there is still a lot possible.💪 A big thanks to all my supporters!☺️ Now it‘s time for some rest. Take care and see

Bye bye season 20/21!2021-08-03T20:35:27+02:00

Weltcup Rogla

Tomorrow the last PGS World Cup of the season is going down on this beauty behind us.🚀 #narogli

Weltcup Rogla2021-08-03T20:39:50+02:00


Sometimes sport can be hard - you work every day for your dreams and goals, but in the end it doesn't pay off. #thatssport Hard to understand at first, but then it motivates me to keep on working, fighting and believing. #letsgo 🖤


World Champs next!

on my way to @rogla2021where the world championships will take place on march 1st & 2nd!🤞💥 #fingerscrossed

World Champs next!2021-08-03T20:36:45+02:00

Weltcups Moskau & Bannoye

Not what I expected from the russia trip.🙄 But this is also part of the game and I definitely know I can show more! 💪 Now I’m looking forward to being back home soon. The next big point on the shedule: world champs in 3 weeks.💥 #letsgo

Weltcups Moskau & Bannoye2021-08-03T20:36:56+02:00

Heimweltcup Scuol

At the end of the day it was a 9th place for me.🇨🇭 Thanks @engadinscuolzernez - just an amazing place to ride.🙏🔥 More to come on Tuesday in @visitbadgastein.

Heimweltcup Scuol2021-08-03T20:37:20+02:00

Saisonstart in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Gestern fiel in Cortina d‘Ampezzo der Startschuss in die neue Weltcupsaion. Mit dem 5. Schlussrang konnte ich eine solide Leistung zeigen. Nun gilt aber der volle Fokus schon wieder dem nächsten Weltcuprennen welches am Donnerstag in Carezza stattfindet.

Saisonstart in Cortina d’Ampezzo2021-08-03T20:37:42+02:00

That’s it, that’s all..

That‘s it, that‘s all - world cup season 19/20 is over early. Unfortunately the last two world cup races got cancelled due too bad snow conditions and the actual situation in europe due the virus. I’m really happy with my best world cup season so far. I reached a constant riding what means in facts: • 3th place PGS overall • 3 world cup podiums

That’s it, that’s all..2021-08-03T20:37:56+02:00
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