Saisonstart in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Gestern fiel in Cortina d‘Ampezzo der Startschuss in die neue Weltcupsaion. Mit dem 5. Schlussrang konnte ich eine solide Leistung zeigen. Nun gilt aber der volle Fokus schon wieder dem nächsten Weltcuprennen welches am Donnerstag in Carezza stattfindet.

Saisonstart in Cortina d’Ampezzo2020-12-22T21:13:16+01:00

That’s it, that’s all..

That‘s it, that‘s all - world cup season 19/20 is over early. Unfortunately the last two world cup races got cancelled due too bad snow conditions and the actual situation in europe due the virus. I’m really happy with my best world cup season so far. I reached a constant riding what means in facts: • 3th place PGS overall • 3 world cup podiums

That’s it, that’s all..2020-12-22T21:10:25+01:00

Bad News!

My metacarpal fracture is doing well so far, but need time. That don’t stop me, I will be back on the board soon. The last two weeks the focus was on physical training and of course relaxing my hand. But I’m already thinking about the next race in south korea in two weeks. So there is some time!

Bad News!2020-12-22T21:08:20+01:00


Another top 10 at yesterday’s home world cup. Thank you all for the big support and the great atmosphere!  


World Cup Bannoye

Shakalaka BOOM! what a weekend, what a start into the season!

World Cup Bannoye2020-12-22T21:17:12+01:00

Season end!

A long and intense season comes to an end. I compited in 20 races in 8 different countries all over the world.🌏 My season was like a ride on a rollercoaster.. disapointment and success are so close.🎢 But I reached something big this season.. a goal and dream came true with my world championship medal and I‘m still stoked about this unforgetable day!🥉 So I‘m

Season end!2019-04-09T21:01:37+02:00

Welcome to China

Made it to China, where the olympic winter games will be held in 2022!🇨🇳 - First we spend one night in Beijing and did some sightseeing. But now I’m excited for the races at secret garden on saturday & sunday!

Welcome to China2019-04-09T20:54:21+02:00
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