A big smile because of my first World Cup win!🥇☺️ What a long way it has been.🥹 Thanks to everyone who has always believed in me and supported me.🙏 #victory


Rückblick und Ausblick

DIE LETZTE SAISON war nicht irgendeine Saison sondern die Olympischen Spiele in Peking standen an. Ich qualifizierte mich für meine dritten Spiele, wobei bei diesen Spielen alles etwas anders war. Corona hatte immer noch alles fest im Griff und deshalb hiess es für mich, auf keinen Fall positiv auf Corona getestet zu werden, da sonst die Teilnahme an den Olympischen Spielen zu scheitern drohte. Somit

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100 World Cup Starts

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ WORLD CUP STARTS - last saturday was the day.🥳 Unfortunately no good result, but I had a lot of fun. And now I’m excited for the last races. #jubilee

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Europacup Georgien

The trip to Georgia was definitely worth it - 1st & 2nd place. See you next year for the world champs.✌️🇬🇪 Some of you may wonder what I am doing in Georgia. Next year the world champs will be held here. So I decided to start at the european cup races this weekend here in Bakuriani and check out the slopes. #smileyface

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Rückblick Olympische Spiele

Losing like that is hard.😔 But I’m sure there will be new chances.💪 #neverstopbelieving And no one said it would be easy, but easy would be boring. So let’s go back to work and enjoy every single ride on my board. Thank you Beijing for your memories.❤️‍🔥 #backhome

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Race time

it’s getting serious.🤞#olympics 📺: qualification 3:40 & finals 7:30 swiss time

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